yo im elaina and 4minute's basically my religion i love them so much
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hyuna’s face when a fan brings her a big box of gifts

hyuna’s face when a fan brings her a big box of gifts

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4minute fan challenge[4/5] quotes you love

I’m feeling weird now… It’s just.. It’s different than when I was younger. I feel different when I see you guys (4minute), than when I saw you guys for the first time. It’s a natural thing to hate, be upset, be hurt or suffocated at times when we live together. We used to only fight with our family members. We usually get angry or tired when we receive call from our mom, right? We show that real side of us, because we know that person will still accept us. Just like that, we may have made many mistakes to our members and sometimes the word ‘hate’ just can’t explain… Everything just became so natural. The five of us are really different, but we know the differences in each other.


hyuna went to go shopping and it ended up like this


yas queen slay

hyuna finally with 4minute on free month in ep. 4. 

concerned hyuna after going to the vet with her puppy u.u

kim hyuna showing us how happy and grateful she is for her win <3

140621 Children Diabetes Day Festival | cr: 19900109 | DO NOT EDIT!!!

hyuna dozing off to dreamland~